We are the ADU multi-specialists. Our company offers Plan-Design-Build One-Stop ADU solutions based upon your needs, budgetary considerations, and your site and situations.

As the nation’s affordable housing crisis intensifies and new ADU policies introduced in 2020 in the bay area, now there is growing movement for the legalization and expansion of ADUs. We have been following the ADU regulation updates at all times. Since November 2016 (before ADU state laws officially launched on January 1 2017), our company has been educating the Community via Radio, Newspaper, Youtube and many on-site seminars. We have built close relationships with real estate professionals and government officials.

Our Advantages:

We are Bay Area focused: Being the most Early Bird of ADU at San Francisco Bay Area, we have been promoting ADU regulations to the community since November 2016, even before the officially launching of series ADU regulations on January 1, 2017. And we are much more farmiliar with the municipal ADU regulations in each and every city in the bay area.

We Customize your ADU project: Each property is different, with different municipal building codes and ADU regulations on different zoning and lot size. One design doesn’t fit ALL. We are capable and experienced on providing customized ADU design and construction options for your cost and procedure efficient considerations.

We are an all-in-one ADU provider: No matter if you are too busy or inexperienced to handle your ADU project, OR, you have the bandwidth and expertise to participate in some phases by yourself, we are here to provide you with the services to your most benefits.We will be honest for what fits you the most, and will never over-sell.

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