What Is an ADU?

An ADU or Accessory Dwelling Unit, also known as second unit, granny flat, in-law unit, and so on, is a secondary housing unit on a residential lot. With a wide variety of different styles, ADUs have a number of things in common. ADUs are an innovative, affordable, effective housing crisis solutions in California.

What ADUs Have in Common

Regardless of what they look like or how they’re situated on the property,

most ADUs have a few things in common

They’re secondary to the main house

ADUs are much smaller than the average single-family house (in most cases)

ADUs are usually built or converted after the primary house was built

ADUs are usually built or converted after the primary house was built

Municipal ADU regulations adopt California state laws to some great extent, but still have ordinances of their own, differentiating ADU regulations from city to city

Functionally, a Standard ADU generally includes living, sleeping, kitchen and bathroom facilities, and a separate and lockable entrance door. However, a JADU (which stands for Junior ADU) is not required to have a dedicated bathroom.

Types of ADU

There are several different types of ADU

Detached ADUs are basically free-standing, newly-built structures in the backyard.

Attached ADUs are additions to the primary house. They are basically the same as a detached ADU, but they were constructed next to a house with shared wall or roof.

Garage converted ADUs, are existing garages that are converted for use. The garage may be attached to the house or detached.

Other internal conversions are existing non-livable spaces converted to ADU, such as basements, attics, hallways, boiler rooms, etc., mostly seen at multi-family houses.

2020 ADU Regulations in 

Major Bay Area Cities 

Safe and reliable

Building an ADU in California

Building an ADU in California is a great idea because space is often at a premium, especially in large cities. ADUs are also fairly inexpensive to build and maintain, especially when compared to a standard home. If you are a homeowner, or a real estate investor, we are a one-stop Turn-Key ADU solution providers, providing services from feasibility studies, to achitectrual design, construction, finish material installment, and more. If you are a real estate professional, we add value for you and your current and prospective clients. We can provide an ADU possibility and potentiality study before making an offer, and provide full services of ADU for their purchasing or holding the property decisions thereafter. Keeping your peace of mind; we’re here to help! Contact us today to learn more.

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